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Differentiation Between Divorce And Annulment

The percentage of marriages that become successful is low since most of these couples end up separated after some time. Divorce and annulment might sound similar but have a lot of differences which only professionals like lawyers and judges can help. The reason as to why lawyers can be consulted is because legal action might be involved in such a situation. For a large group of people, they have the notion that both divorce and annulment mean the same thing. This is not correct since both names have different procedures regardless of the fact that they work towards the same goal. A simple understanding of these words is that, with divorce, it is used to terminate a valid marriage.

On the other hand, an annulment is meant to declare marriage invalid since it was incorporated. Experts define annulment as the legal process of erasing a marriage with the consent of both parties. With an annulment, your marriage is not valid and requires legal assistance. The marriage shall be recorded in your files once the annulment is complete and you are single again. When it comes to divorce, it is mostly done to end a legal marriage. You are allowed to date again once the divorce is finalized and have no consequences to worry about. If you want to get an annulment, you can select either a legal process or a religious one.

Most couples get an annulment after they experience challenges in their new life. The existence of incompetence between parties is regarded as one of the reasons that make couples get an annulment. In the event that one of the parties was not in their right state of mind, the law finds it right to have the marriage annulled. There are people who tend to get into another marriage even though they did not terminate the first one. Performing such a stunt is regarded as a criminal offense. In such a situation, the second marriage is void and so, an annulment is the best way here.

In some situations, people related by blood find themselves in a marriage and they had no idea of their relationship. According to the law, you are now required to get an annulment because this is incest. In some states, it is important that you produce evidence before you can be granted the divorce. Apart from evidence, you also need to involve a lawyer when it comes to the division of assets and children. With this lawyer, you shall have someone to guide you through the legal divorce process. Compared to divorce, an annulment is rare because few people qualify for it. In some countries, they have a time limit for people who want to get an annulment.

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