Affiliate Commission

Affiliate Commission (3 Level )

The method of affiliate program works is this: the primary new referred account starts investment, you receive a commission. If they deposit in their account, you receive a 3%-10% commission based mostly off the deposit quantity. If they're going onto refer some other person to the platform, you then receive a 1% commission on their referrals deposit activity. At the third level down, you receive a 0.5% commission.

All commissions added instantly into account balances and Not only you can earn profits but also permitting others to understand and take a similar advantage as you. Do your best to market our platform to your friends, family or your broader network, and you may reap the monetary rewards.
Join Bio Hourly Limited to enjoy amazing 3%-10% affiliate commission by sharing your referral link.
Our referral bonuses: Level A 1-30 3.00%    Level B 31-90 4.00%    Level C 91-160 5.00%    Level D 161-300 7.50%    Level E 301-and more 10.00%
Our other levels referral bonuses : Level 2:1.00%    Level 3: 0.50%

1st Level 3%-10%

2nd Level 1%

3rd Level 0.5%

Representative Commission (5 Level )

You must need to have atleast $800/0.10 BTC deposit for apply our representative program. Send us Email via contact us form for apply our Regional representative program. It will increase your profits like this.

11% of each deposit at level-one referral.
3% of each deposit at level-two referral.
1% of each deposit at level-three referral.
1% of each deposit at level-Four referral.
1% of each deposit at level-Five referral.

1st Level 11%

2nd Level 3%

3rd Level 1%

4th Level 1%

5th Level 1%